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We are all part of this.

The Flux Initiative uses writing and images to prompt people to see themselves as #partoftheplanet.

If we're going to move into a sustainable future, we need to shift our self perception as well as change our actions.

If we make this shift and see ourselves as part of Earth and the Earth's processes we will be more empathetic and connected to people, other animals, the environment and life in general. 

Let's move into a more respectful and conscious future.                                                                       

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Olivia Pirie-Griffiths

Born in 1990.

Academic background in philosophy... but not a twat (most of the time).

Lover of scuba and the underwater world... including molluscs, coral, whales and other odd bits n' bobs.  

Also like other things... obviously.

                                                                 Working at Glider Global. Previously at the Public Interest Advocacy Centre & The Ethics Centre in Sydney. Also assist in the production of a podcast for FBi Radio - Not What You Think.



 My father 'The Zealous Lover of Nature', and me. 

My father 'The Zealous Lover of Nature', and me.