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It's weird talking about yourself in third person, but for the sake of sounding professional here goes...

Olivia is a freelance editorial writer, copywriter, copy editor + creative strategist for social good.

She aims to prompt people to see themselves as part of the planet, and live more connected and thoughtful lives.

Olivia translates deep concepts into practical and engaging text for copywriting, and explores the questions and complexities of daily life through her editorial work.

Olivia can also help shape your brand or company through editing, creative + conceptual strategy development.

Okay. Eugh. That felt supremely strange. *Don't bother to* try it some time.

Olivia Pirie-Griffiths
Born in 1990.
Academic background in philosophy... but not a twat (most of the time).
Lover of scuba and the underwater world... including molluscs, coral, whales and other odd bits n' bobs.  

Also like other things. Obviously.
                                                                 Working at Glider Global.

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My father 'The Zealous Lover of Nature', and me. 

My father 'The Zealous Lover of Nature', and me.