WRINKLES & WISDOM / by Olivia Pirie-Griffiths

Have you ever noticed the points where gum tree trunks become the trees’ arms? I’ve been looking at them recently. They form in the same way our own skin does. Wrinkled, care-worn and characterful. In a funny way recognising that similarity has made me consider our connection to trees as a whole.

A great friend of mine has spent time in China in the past few years, writing for The China Daily. On her return she spoke of how many of the Chinese regard trees with reverence. They literally hug them when they spend their lunch times in the city parks.

I have begun letting my hands brush the limbs of trees as I walk by them and I often find myself pausing to look more closely. Many are stoic, giants of our world and their impact is solely good. What a thing to exist, what a thing to be humbled by!