CASTLE IN THE SAND / by Olivia Pirie-Griffiths

little homes

For a while it feels like heaven

but only for a while

you roll around in love and you live in its denial

until the threads unravel

like wool left in the sun

you pick at them yourself until you pull out every one

your castle tumbles over

strewn along the sand

the string-bark drawbridge broken

the shell adorning damned

'where from here?'

you wonder,

this isn't what you planned -

a desolate heart broken

sodden on the sand.


Time passes you in silence

so still, you wonder why

then you feel a deep vibration

a far off rumbling sky

the crabs they start a-walking

(or 'a-siding' you could say)

into their crabby hollows

where they work and toil away

you can't see it from the surface but they're strengthening the sand

building deep foundations from which Kingdoms can be manned.


After a time the rumbling becomes loud, and louder still

the sea birds flap about and squawk

their cries becoming shrill

a clap of thunder hits the beach

as waves crash on the sand

water mixed with burly mess

engulfs the wretched land

glinting rain falls from the clouds

and hits the ground below

the broken castle washes forth

you watch the wreckage go.


When the storm is over and the quiet has returned

a lightness sits upon your heart

a knowledge that you've learned

the castle that you lived in here

not so long ago

was built on things that don't stand strong

when battered to-and-fro.


As crabs do

they re-emerge

under a starry sky

they've found for you a place at last

sturdy, warm and dry

a giant shell, great husk of life

one to call your own

a place for love and care amid

the shifting sands, a home.