AN OCEAN ODE / by Olivia Pirie-Griffiths

You’ll always find friends in the sea

blush-coloured fish in filigree

a countryside hidden from view

to folks who walk and talk as though

they understand the endless deep

the place that breathes while we sleep

the place from which we came to be

where life began, where things are free.


I heard whispers, old and true

that spoke of birth and growth in blue

they mentioned springs of conscious life

the start of colour, laughter, strife.


Then, in time, the plastic came

the water rose and warmed in pain

the colour drained from gardens few

so we continued, as we do,

till now past riches are bone white

creatures dart and dive in plight

this place will never be the same

if we can’t learn to love again


and love we will, when we can see

that life itself comes from the sea

rolling fabrics, lofty hills

Earth’s palace swathed in emerald hue,

gilded waves with morning trills

and shards of sunlight sprinkle through


they glitter down upon the tide

and dance across the seahorse hide  

to vibrant gardens underneath

our comrade, the old coral reef.